The project proposes to replace the entire conveyor belt, usually made of PVC, synthetic rubber or virgin plastic (light due conveyor belts) with a new modular conveyor belt entirely made of recycled plastics, thus demonstrating a tight tolerance application for recycled plastics. The innovation brought by the project it’s the complete substitution of virgin elements with recycled one.



The project RePlaCe (LIFE 08 ENV/IT/000393) was co-financed in the 2008 Call for proposal of LIFE 2007-2013 European Programme. The partnership that cooperate in the project will be one again involve in the ongoing project LIFE REPLACE BELT. RePlaCe was intended to demonstrate that recycled plastic is an immediately available alternative to metals and other materials in many structural applications, characterized by a much-reduced environmental impact and substantial savings in economic terms. This use of recycled plastics is an important innovation that may lead to a substantial increase in the use of solid plastic waste, a decrease of their treatment in other forms (eg, storage, incineration, recycling for other applications) and a reduction of raw material used. To have more information visit the following website:


IPPR is a not for profit organisation that acts on behalf of plastic waste recycling companies and the producers of articles that involve the use of recycled polymer materials. The institution is a nationally important organisation and is the only one in Italy or Europe to promote increased use of materials and manufactured products made using plastic waste through environmental product certification in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano dei Plastici [Italian plastics institute]. “Veneto Multipolar Rubber Plastics District (DI.MA.PLA.)”-not for profit consortium that acts as the operational arm of the Distretto Multipolare Veneto Gomma e Materie Plastiche- “Mecatronic district”, “Vicenza Business Association” and “Assocomaplast”-that groups together 198 important Italian manufacturing companies of machinery, equipment and moulds in the fields of plastics and rubber.


Plastic Metal S.p.A. is the Project co-ordinator Beneficiary and will thus be responsible for the co-ordination of project activities, making its skills available in terms of technology, management and market visibility. In the context of the project it will indeed, be concerned with the creation of the specific equipment (injection moulding machine) for the making of the prototype. Plastic Metal S.p.A is the lead company in the NPM Group which includes the companies F.lli Virginio S.r.l. and Vivi S.r.l., also partners in the project. F.lli Virginio S.r.l. will be involved in terms of human skills and technology for the assembly of the prototype. Vivi S.r.l. will be the moulding of the recycled plastics with the use of its staff, highly skilled in the processing of plastics, and its specialised plastics moulding equipment. ETRA S.p.A. a local multi-utility organization, will it is thus involved in many activities providing information to the public and increasing awareness generally of plastic waste collection. Morover Etra will test in Veneto Region a pilot hard and bulky plastic waste urban collection .